What You Need for a Healthy Smile

As far as maintaining our teeth goes, most of us dread going to the dentist and only resort to twice-daily brushing and not-often-enough flossing. But there’s a lot more we could (and should!) be doing with our choppers than the basics. We’ll tell you 5 new products you need for a healthy smile.

In fact, the annual International Dental Show just wrapped up in Cologne, Germany, and the event is known for debuting some pretty cool dental products and developments in the industry. While most of the products are geared towards dentists, this year saw a few new products for patient use as well.

So whether you’re OCD about your dental hygiene or just looking for new and improved upgrades for your medicine cabinet, check out the new-new that’s about to take dentistry by storm.

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have been around for some time now, but many people are hesitant to switch out their drugstore-bought brands. Often this is because the electric varieties are pretty pricey, with refills alone costing around $50 a pop, and often bulky (who has that much counter space in their bathroom?). Enter: Quip, a high-tech quality brush you can score for just $50, with refills costing just $10!
Buy it now: Quip Electric Brush, $50

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ultra

If you’re like most people, your dentist probably spends a good 10 minutes of your appointment talking about how you’re not flossing enough. Let’s be honest—flossing is tedious and can be a real pain, but it is a super important component of personal oral hygiene. That’s why air flossers are becoming increasingly popular. They use rapid bursts of air and water droplets to virtually floss through your teeth, scraping away plaque and food. Pretty cool, right?
Buy it now: Sonicare AirFloss Ultra AirFloss Ultra, $70

PopWhite Whitening Primer + Toothpaste

If you happen to dye your hair blonde, you may already be familiar with the purple color-correcting technology (purple shampoos and conditioners have been used for decades to reduce the brassiness in blonde hair). Now, a new company, PopWhite, promises to color-correct your teeth with purple toothpaste that promises to make your teeth whiter in as little as one brushing! Best part? It’s free from peroxide, a bleaching agent found in most whitening products that’s not all that great for you.
Buy it now: Whitening primer + Toothpaste, $18

Throat Scope Tongue Depressor

Gone are the days of using wooden tongue depressors to do mouth exams. There’s a new device called Throat Scope. While it might not be the most glamorous tool to have in your medicine cabinet, it’s one of the handiest, especially if you have little ones running around. Throat Scope is the world’s first all-in-one lighted tongue depressor—it essentially lights up your mouth, making for easier examinations of sore throats, strep throat, cutting teeth, oral thrush and inflamed gums. It’s also an early detection tool for oral cancer, which affects nearly 50,000 people every year. It can be used at home, though medical professionals are turning to Throat Scope, too.
Buy it now:  Throat Scope, $20


No more showing up to a work happy hour or dinner date unsure of whether you may have bad breath. This FDA-approved removable mouthpiece syncs with an app via Bluetooth and gives you the 411 on you breath situation. How? You bite down on the device and it sucks a sample of air from your mouth. It runs this air through electrochemical sensors that detects sulfur molecules in your breath. Then it gives you a grade ranging from A-F. If you get an F, it’s time to book an appointment with your dentist, stat.
Buy it now:  Breathometer, $99

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