TelScope Metal Clip Instructions

TelScope® System includes a metal clip, this metal clip can be attached directly to smart device or phone case. Please follow the following instructions to attach to your phone:

  1. Clean the phone or case surface with the provided alcohol wipe to remove all dust and grease. Allow the alcohol to dry, wipe off any further visible dust with a lint free cloth. The surface needs to be totally dust-free before application of the metal clip.
  2. Remove the red liner from the metal clip, take care not to touch the adhesive surface. Apply the metal clip to the phone or case below the camera in a vertical position, 2 centimeters down from the bottom of your device’s camera.  The metal attachment needs to allow the TelScope light to attach properly without blocking the camera light. If you have a device with multiple cameras (e.g. iPhone 12), place the clip centered, 2 centimeters down from the bottom of the middle camera. See below for specific guides for specific device types.
  3. Apply gentle pressure for 30 seconds.
  4. Leave the clip and cover for at least 24 – 72 hrs before it is used with a TelScope®, this allows time for the adhesive to form a good bond.
  5. TelScope® System is now ready to use

Open the TelScope app. The blade should be in the frame as in the reference image below.

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