For every purchase of TelScope Telehealth System,
Holland Healthcare will donate a second system to a community health center

UNITED STATES – JUNE 2021Holland Healthcare, a leader in oral telehealth innovation, is pleased to announce a community outreach donation program. This program is an effort towards Holland Healthcare’s vision of empowering all Americans with access to quality oral healthcare.

Through this community outreach donation program, Holland Healthcare will donate a TelScope Telehealth System to a community health center for every system sold. Your TelScope purchase enables donations which will bridge the gap between medical professionals, specialists, and patients, specifically those facing limited healthcare access due to barriers including poverty, disability, old age, and living in remote or rural areas.

“Examine, capture, connect.” TelScope Telehealth System is an illuminated intraoral examination, imagery, and telehealth tool designed and developed for professionals and their patients. Complete an intraoral examination and transform any smart device into an intraoral camera to capture and connect a superior quality intraoral telehealth image or video to a healthcare professional. TelScope incorporates illuminated retraction, depression, and intraoral imagery and video of the throat, palate, and maxillary and mandibular anatomy, within the palm of one hand. The system provides a straightforward, user-friendly intraoral telehealth option to providers, specialists, and their patients to connect anywhere, anytime.

“180 million Americans were not able to afford oral healthcare or did not have access to oral healthcare due to their location in 2020,” said Holland Healthcare CEO and founder, Jennifer Holland. Holland is also the inventor of TelScope Telehealth System. “In 2017, Holland Healthcare set out to design a simple, streamlined oral telehealth solution used by professionals and their patients, incorporating illuminated retraction, depression and teledentistry imagery all in the palm of one hand!” 

Dr. Richard Simpson, DMD, is a pediatric dentist based in Alabama who uses TelScope Telehealth System with his patients both in the clinic and for remote and rural patient connection. “The ease with which a clinician can illuminate and examine the entire oral cavity and throat, capture images, and then connect and securely transmit those images with any desired mark-up and commentary can greatly enhance efficient and timely referral, improve patient satisfaction, and address the difficulties of access for rural and underserved populations. We have begun fielding TelScopes into several rural pediatric medical practices in our state, and I look forward to seeing measurable results in the near future.” said Simpson.

Holland Healthcare is an Australian-American company whose mission is to empower the world with equal access to oral healthcare through streamlined telehealth solutions to be used by healthcare professionals and their patients in the clinic, the home, and everywhere in between. 

You can purchase TelScope Telehealth System here.


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