Have you ever taken a trip to the doctors when it was impossible for the doctor to check your child’s throat because they refused to open their mouth have the wooden stick and have the doctor stick their whole head in their mouth to check it out?

Have you ever had a sick child and really just wanted to look at their throat yourself?

Have you ever wanted to see in your child’s mouth to see if those teeth have popped through yet?

WELL now you can……

Thanks to a very clever Australian Mum who went through an experience with her child that gave he the brainwave. She had to restrain her child at the doctors and hold them down, while the doctor had the wooden tongue depressor and penlight to check out their throat. After the traumatic experience Jennifer thought of the simple and clever idea of the all-in-one plastic depressor with built in light!! You may have seen Jennifer on the Shark Tank or even on the Today Show.

With young children, I feel like they are always saying something hurts in their mouth or they have a bit of a sore throat. Previously I have told them to open their mouths and say it all seems fine, as I couldn’t really see anything at all! Since having the Throat Scope, we have seen ulcers in the mouth, molars popping throat and a very red throat – luckily no white gross pussy stuff!

I have been known to use my iPhone torch to look in the kids mouth, which half sort of works, but also a bit awkward if you are trying to hold their tongue down as well! As the Throat Scope is 2-in1, there is no need for my iPhone or the wooden depressor I ‘borrowed’ from the doctors.
The Throat Scope is so easy to use and assemble! You simply clip the plastic depressor into the handle and the light automatically turns on, and then just pull off when finished. Hopefully you won’t be using it too often, but it contains 3 powerful longlife LED lights and has a 5 year shelf life. The Throat Scope comes with two plastic depressors and they can be cleaned with alcohol wipes in between use to reduce cross-contamination.

I have also used for my 4 year old son who attends speech pathology. Correcting speech is an interesting experience, as we have both learnt where your tongue needs to be for particular letters. One of the harder sounds/letters for children is ‘C’ and this requires the tongue to be down, so using the Throat Scope gently to suppress the tongue has helped my son know where his tongue should be for his ‘C’ words.

Your doctor, dentist or speech pathologist may not have a Throat Scope, so maybe take your own or tell them you think they need one, why not spread the word!

The success of the Throat Scope continues and it has now been launched into the USA! We all love an Aussie Mum invention – thanks Jennifer!

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