Holland Healthcare Announces New Distribution Partner, McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation is now carrying Holland Healthcare’s
TelScope Telehealth System, which integrates illuminated retraction,
depression, and tele-imagery of the oral cavity all in the palm of one hand.

United States – June 9, 2021 – Holland Healthcare is pleased to announce that McKesson Corporation is now distributing their new intraoral tele-imagery medical device, TelScope Telehealth System. This makes the TelScope Telehealth System the newest addition to McKesson’s medical device product portfolio.

“Examine, capture, connect.” The TelScope Telehealth System is an illuminated intraoral examination, imaging, and telehealth device designed and developed for professionals and their patients. This device enables the user to complete an intraoral examination, and then transform any smart device into an intraoral camera to capture and connect a superior quality intraoral telehealth image or video. The TelScope Telehealth System incorporates illuminated retraction, depression, and intraoral imaging and video of the throat, palate, oral cavity, and teeth, all within the palm of one hand. The system provides a straightforward, user-friendly intraoral telehealth solution for use in clinics, hospitals, and homes by providers, specialists, and their patients to connect anywhere, anytime. The TelScope Telehealth System can be used for triaging, specialist referral, peer review, patient monitoring, and as a link between medical and dental patient care.

Holland Healthcare created the TelScope Telehealth System in pursuit of their aim to provide access to quality oral healthcare to all Americans. Through the partnership with McKesson, Holland Healthcare is able to add the TelScope Telehealth System to the McKesson product range, which offers professionals equipment to enable them to operate more efficiently with lowered costs and improved patient outcomes.

“McKesson values high-quality medical care, which couples perfectly with our goal of enabling all Americans with equal access to quality intraoral healthcare,” stated Jennifer Holland, founder and CEO of Holland Healthcare, as well as the inventor of the TelScope Telehealth System. “We are confident that McKesson will be a tremendous channel to equip providers with our effective, superior quality intraoral telehealth system which will lower provider’s long-term costs, improve patient outcomes, and offer more effective communication between providers, specialists, and patients. We are very excited about this partnership with McKesson.”

TelScope Telehealth System can be ordered now through McKesson, using part number 1192709.

Learn more about the TelScope Telehealth System here.

Official Press Release

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