image captured with TelScope Telehealth System


“I was called by a family who said that their mother stopped eating and they didn’t understand why. She was complaining of a toothache, but when they looked in her mouth they didn’t see anything wrong – she had all of her teeth.

So they called me in. This woman has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and was extremely combative; she didn’t want you to touch her mouth, brush her teeth, or be anywhere near her mouth.” said Dr. Alisa Kauffman, dentist and owner of Geriatric House Call Dentistry in New York, New York.


“But I was able to trick her that I would be taking pictures of her teeth to let her know where the toothache would be coming from.” Alisa used the TelScope Telehealth System to examine her patient and then capture an image of her teeth.

That way, Alisa was able to examine this patient and detect the problem, and then capture a high quality image to share with the patient’s family and show them the problem.

Alisa also assessed that it would not be possible to fill this patient’s teeth. So, she used Proflourid L by VOCO. It is for hypersensitive teeth and is easy to apply via a bottle or single-use tabs, which Alisa prefers for her mobile dentistry business. It has double-protection including sodium fluoride and calcium deposits, giving the patient immediate and long-term relief.

Then Alisa gave her patient ice cream. The patient said her toothache went away.

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