Tools and techniques for teaching the /R/ Sound

For one method of teaching the /r/ sound, I like to use a Throat Scope.

It’s like a glowing tongue depressor from a company called Throat Scope. I absolutely love them!

I’m going to use the Throat Scope in combination with the therapy mirror. It gives the children a really good view of their mouth.

You can really see inside the mouth, and it’s very very bright. That can help them learn anatomy and you can point out the different structures using something like dental swabs.

“See over here? You need these sides of your tongue to go up back here to your back teeth. So say /r/.”


And they can really see that /r/ sound a lot more clearly.

You can also use a pen light, but I like this because I can actually stick it inside of the mouth, too. So, I could say,

“Okay, right back up here, that’s where I need the sides of your tongue. So put your tongue right back there.”


And these tips are recyclable. So, when you’re done, you can just recycle them.

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