Dr. Richard Simpson, DMD, is a pediatric dentist in private practice.

Dr. Richard joined Holland Healthcare founder and medtech inventor of TelScope Telehealth System intraoral examination device and intraoral camera, Jennifer Holland, to discuss teledentistry and more.

The teledentistry team discussed

  • What is teledentistry?
  • Why is it important? What are its benefits?
  • Why is teledentistry especially important in today’s climate?
  • Plus a live demonstration of an at-home dental consultation via teledentistry using TelScope Telehealth System.


Dr. Richard Simpson, DMD, is a board certified pediatric dentist in private practice.
His achievements include:
• Diplomate in the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
• Fellow in the American College of Dentists
• Fellow in the International College of Dentists
• Fellow in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
• Advisory Board Member of The TeleDentists
• Advisory Board Member of Holland Healthcare
Dr. Richard’s experience and active interests include telehealth, child advocacy, health disparities, policy, and advancing improved medical-dental access to care. Dr. Richard is also a veteran with 15 years of military service.






Jennifer Holland is the inventor of TelScope Telehealth System. She is the CEO and founder of Holland Healthcare, as well as the inventor of Holland Healthcare’s first product, Throat Scope illuminating oral examination device and tongue depressor.

TelScope Telehealth System is the oral examination device that also transforms any smart device into a high quality intraoral camera for telehealth and teledentistry.

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