TelScope Telehealth System Compatibility

TelScope Telehealth System is a product and app combination used for examining the oral cavity and capturing intraoral telehealth images.

The TelScope product is compatible with any smart device. It attaches via a metal clip that is applied permanently to your smart device or smart device case.

The TelScope app is compatible with any smart device and available from the Google Play store and the Apple store.

We recommend using the TelScope app on a HIPAA-compliant device and/or on the device provided by your clinic.


TelScope Telehealth System
The TelScope Telehealth System can add greater detail and accuracy to telehealth sessions by providing a close-up, illuminated view through your smart device for Video Call participants.

The TelScope product attaches to any smart device via a provided sticky metal clip. The TelScope app is available for Android and iOS smart devices.

Intraoral images can be captured to send to a specialist and video can be transmitted using the app through a Video Call to a specialist for remote diagnosis or stored in patient files.

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