The Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid featured the TelScope Telehealth System by Holland Healthcare in a Segment on Progressive Telehealth

Innovative med-tech company Holland Healthcare has been featured in The Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid for their intraoral telehealth device, TelScope Telehealth System.

Viewpoint Project is an educational program which focuses on meaningful stories that “change our lives for the better.”

“A pioneer is defined as a trailblazer. Someone who develops a new way of doing things. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of healthcare. Every medical advancement starts with a pioneer who explores and digs deep in the name of science. Here’s one such story.” says Dennis Quaid about Jennifer Holland, inventor of the TelScope Telehealth System, at the beginning of the segment.

The segment interviews leading health professionals Duke University Hospital head and neck surgeon Dr. Ben Hechler, MD, DDS, Alabama-based pediatric dentist Dr. Richard Simpson, DMD, pediatrician Benjamin Freeman, MD, and Australian leading head and neck surgeon Dr. Richard Gallagher, MD. The segment also interviews medtech inventor Jennifer Holland, who is the CEO of Holland Healthcare and the inventor of TelScope Telehealth System. Dennis Quaid describes Jennifer as “a pioneer in the field of healthcare” for her invention of the TelScope.

This team of various oral health professionals comes together to emphasize the importance of oral healthcare. The professionals particularly emphasize the importance of enabling all Americans with oral healthcare, especially those in remote and rural areas who have limited access to actual clinics and dental offices.

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