Why did we invent TelScope Telehealth System?

“Oral health refers to the health of the teeth, gums, and the entire oral-facial system that allows us to smile, speak, and chew.”

At Holland Healthcare, we developed our TelScope Telehealth System based on six years of advice working with clients in the medical, dental, and speech industries.

TelScope is designed to bring together healthcare professionals treating oral health problems.

Our customers asked for intraoral illumination, tissue retraction, and tongue depression.

 During development, our medical, dental, and speech customers asked for the following:

  1. Medical & Speech:
    Intraoral illumination.
    By placing the source of light inside the mouth, you can direct the light to illuminate extremely hard to reach and hard to see places inside the oral cavity. Intraoral illumination also provides superior images & videos to increase AI software accuracy. Added benefit – the light can be used as a LightSaber to entice children or difficult patients to open their mouth.

  2. Dental:
    Tissue retraction.
    Retraction of the tongue and cheeks are essential to viewing and capturing superior images & videos of the entire maxillary and mandibular anatomy, including the back molars.

  3. Medical & Speech:
    Tongue depression.
    It is necessary to depress the tongue to view and capture superior oropharynx & tonsil images & videos.

Our TelScope is the first and only solution available to provide a complete oral health examination and superior tele-image capture! TelScope combines intraoral illumination with depression and retraction for superior images and videos to provide the best patient outcomes every time from anywhere.

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About Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland is the founder and CEO of Holland Healthcare.
She is also the inventor of TelScope Telehealth System and Throat Scope, as well as Ear Scope, Wound Scope, and Pap Scope.
Jennifer is an award-winning medical technology inventor.
Her mission is to “Raise awareness for Head & Neck Cancer and Enable Virtual Oral Healthcare Worldwide.” You can learn more about Jen here.

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