Throat Scope? What’s that? It’s a scope for peering down throats.

That’s helpful. Keep going. This clever Aussie invention is touted as an “all-in-one light and tongue depressor”: tiny LEDs in the handle light up the clear plastic shaft. No more juggling with a torch and a wooden craft stick to look into a kid’s gob. It’s a blessing for clinicians and parents.

Why parents? Wobbly teeth, sore throats, prison-style shake-downs for smuggled lollies. You know the drill.

Pros? A) It’s a one-handed operation, so your other hand is free for tasks such as taking clinical notes, or pouring a glass of wine; B) It’s great for finding things that have slipped down the back of the sofa; and C) It looks like a tiny lightsaber. Who knew oral cavity examinations could be so much fun?

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