Holland Healthcare and Virtual Dental Care Announce Partnership and an Integrated Seamless, Complete Teledentistry Solution

Holland Healthcare and Virtual Dental Care are Partnering to Provide Dental Professionals with a Complete, Start-to-Finish Teledentistry Solution.

United States – June 2021Holland Healthcare and Virtual Dental Care are excited to announce their new integrated teledentistry system, TelScope Telehealth System powered by Teledentix.

The complete teledentistry solution, from start to finish

This integration of hardware and software allows the user to complete a dental examination, transform any smart device into a superior quality intraoral camera to capture a teledentistry image or video, and connect directly between patients, professionals, and a HIPAA-secure dental record. TelScope Telehealth System and Teledentix provide the complete teledentistry solution from start to finish. The intuitive, integrated system enables both healthcare professionals and patients the ability to: examine inside the oral cavity, capture a superior quality intraoral photo or video, and connect those files between professionals, patients, and a dental record. 

“Examine, Capture, Connect.” The TelScope Telehealth System is an illuminated intraoral examination, imaging, and teledentistry device designed and developed for oral healthcare professionals and their patients. This device enables the user to complete a dental examination, and then transform any smart device into an intraoral camera to capture and connect a superior quality intraoral teledentistry image or video. The TelScope Telehealth System incorporates illuminated retraction, depression, and intraoral imaging and video of the entire intraoral maxillary and mandibular anatomy, all within the palm of one hand. The system provides a straightforward, user-friendly intraoral teledentistry solution for use in dental clinics and homes for dentists, hygienists, and their patients to connect anywhere, anytime. The TelScope Telehealth System can be used for triaging, specialist referral, peer review, patient monitoring, and as a link between medical and dental patient care.

Through Teledentix, providers and patients can then capture images and videos directly to instant-chat, text, or email, as well as to a HIPAA secure dental record. Through this platform, dental professionals can also track & launch upcoming appointments directly from the dashboard, instantly communicate with patients, and search & access HIPAA-secure patient records.

Holland Healthcare created the TelScope Telehealth System in pursuit of their vision to provide access to high quality oral healthcare regardless of the barriers that individuals may face. Through this integration, Holland Healthcare and Virtual Dental Care are able to offer the complete teledentistry solution, from start to finish.

Virtual Dental Care’s mission is to provide innovative, simple-to-use solutions to facilitate the adoption of teledentistry. Virtual Dental Care created Teledentix to aid in their goal of bridging the gap in dental care.

The two company’s similar goals and missions couple together perfectly to create a seamlessly integrated teledentistry solution for dental professionals, providers, and their patients.

“We are two companies working towards the same mission to transform the teledentistry industry by providing a seamless solution and empowering the world with a virtual oral healthcare solution,” stated Jennifer Holland, founder and CEO of Holland Healthcare, as well as inventor of the TelScope Telehealth System. “We believe our partnership will bridge that gap in dental care: from capturing superior intraoral images and videos to loading them into an EHR system or connecting through to a dentist or specialist in real time.”

“Jennifer and her team at Holland Healthcare have created such an innovative product to make intraoral photos and videos easier to capture. We’re thrilled to integrate this device into the Teledentix workflow so providers and patients can seamlessly communicate, share records, and ultimately increase continuity of care,” added Richard Lee, CEO of Virtual Dental Care.

The integrated Teledentix and TelScope Telehealth System app will be available to download soon.

TelScope Telehealth System can be ordered from Holland Healthcare here. Visit hollandhealthcareinc.com/TelScope for more information about the TelScope Telehealth System and get.teledentix.com for more information about Teledentix.

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