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TelScope: Oral Telehealth System

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Throat Scope

Illuminated tongue depressor & retraction device


Illuminated Intraoral Telehealth System

Wound Scope

Illuminated wound examination & measurement device

Ear Scope

Illuminated Ear Specula

Inspired Diagnostic Solutions

  • Engineered to transform medical devices into digital health tools
  • Designed to save time during routine medical examinations
  • Introducing transparent medical tools to improve patient care, compliance and outcomes
  • Environmentally friendly products

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What our clients have to say

Hands down the best intraoral examination tool I've ever used. Peak sore throat season, too, so very helpful

Dr. Keith Grimes

The light is nice & bright so you can really see everything. This is such a step up from trying to manage the old wooden tongue depressors & flashlight combo.

Maureen Wilson

This is absolute essential for every dental and medical practitioner to provide the best possible oral assessment and ability to discover oral cancer in its earliest stages.

Jo Anne

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