Telehealth System

Examine. Capture. Connect.

Capture Superior Intraoral Telehealth Images & Videos

TelScope System combines a Medical Device and App
to Capture Superior Intraoral Telehealth Images and Videos

TelScope Oral Telehealth System


Examine your Patient
TelScope provides intraoral illumination as well as retraction & depression of the tongue & cheeks.


Capture an Image or Video
Attach TelScope to your smartphone to transform TelScope into an intraoral camera.

TelScope - Capture-01


Connect your Image or video
TelScope is compatible with:
• MyChart powered by Epic
• Teledentix Provider App powered by Virtual Dental Care
• TelScope App powered by Holland Healthcare


Examine your patient.

The TelScope Medical Device provides intraoral illumination and retraction and depression of the tongue and cheeks.

  • Places source of light inside the mouth
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Antimicrobial handle
  • Single-use, individually-wrapped depressors for each examination
  • Transparent, hard plastic depressors
  • Rechargeable via micro-USB
  • Attaches to any smart device to transform into an intraoral camera


Capture an intraoral image or video.

Attach TelScope Telehealth System to your smart device and launch the TelScope app to transform your device into an intraoral camera.

  • Easy to use
  • Captures medical grade quality images & video inside the mouth
  • Preset with the best settings for intraoral photography
  • Annotate images to add comments, circles and drawings on areas of concern inside the mouth
  • Measure areas of concern inside the mouth such as teeth, sores, ulcers, lesions, tongue ties, cavities, dental caries, and more
  • Organize patient images & videos by folders and sets


Connect the intraoral images and videos to a doctor, dentist, specialist, or EMR system.

TelScope Telehealth System is compatible with:


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TelScope Telehealth System captures Superior Intraoral Maxillary & Mandibular Anatomy Image & Video

TelScope Features

Oral Examination Tool

Places the light source inside the mouth for accurate, single-handed intraoral examination

Intraoral Camera

Captures superior intraoral images and video


Securely send patient images | video in encrypted, password-protected folders


Enables telehealth at your clinic so you can connect virtually with a specialist or your patients


Enables teledentistry at your clinic so you can connect virtually with your patients for consultations or follow-up


FDA registered
TGA registered,
CE marked

Advanced Software

Our advanced software is automatically set to capture the best quality intraoral images | video

Seamless Integration

Able to integrate with existing software that your clinic may have


A fraction of the price of other intraoral cameras or a DSLR


Works with any smart device; Available on Android & iOS

Reduces Cross-Contamination

Antimicrobial handle
Can be wiped entirely clean
Single-use depressors


Rechargeable battery
Comes with micro-USB charger

TelScope App

Free (Patient) Version

  • Captures medical grade quality images & videos inside the mouth for instant telehealth or teledentistry transmission to a doctor, dentist, or specialist
  • Measuring Tool
  • Video Screen Capture
  • Longer Videos (10 second, 20 second, 30 second)
  • Unlimited Patient Sets
  • Advanced Tools
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Healthcare Professionals Using
TelScope Telehealth System

TelScope Reviews & Articles

“Great! Showed my colleagues today the quality of the footage and they were so impressed 👍”
-TasteBuds Feeding Therapy

“In my business, I work closely with aged care residents and their carers. I love using the TelScope to conduct an efficient, intraoral examination that I can refer back to at a later stage. I use the TelScope Telehealth System to send photos to other clinicians in my team for treatment planning, and to share these images securely with the residents’ family members who often aren’t at the appointments. These high quality images help the families to better understand the patient’s oral health conditions. The TelScope Telehealth System makes communication with my patients, their families, and their carers so much easier.”
-Shida Taheri, Dental Hygienist & Oral Health Therapist, Dental Hygienist Association of Australia

As a board-certified pediatric dentist, I enjoy using the TelScope in the clinical setting for several months, now. I am primarily utilizing it to document oral lesions and other clinical findings and then upload those into the patient’s chart. I am also using the device to expand my clinical “library” for case presentations for teaching purposes with pediatric dentistry residents. However, I am most excited about the potential for digital triage, screening, and referrals inter-professionally (dental-dental, dental-medical, medical-medical). The ease with which a clinician can illuminate and examine the entire oral cavity and throat, capture images, and then connect and securely transmit those images with any desired mark-up and commentary can greatly enhance efficient and timely referral, improve patient satisfaction, and address the difficulties of access for rural and underserved populations. We have begun fielding TelScopes into several rural pediatric medical practices in our state, and I look forward to seeing measurable results in the near future.”
-Richard A Simpson, DMD
Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Fellow, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Fellow, American College of Dentists
Fellow, International College of Dentists

“First let me say that I absolutely love my TelScope. I demonstrate it to my colleagues in the Nutrition, Feeding, and Swallowing program for the state of NH.”
-Linda A. Poulin, M.S., CCC-SLP
Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Consultant, New Hampshire

“The TelScope is a fantastic idea. I’ve actually just recently purchased only for myself and am so impressed with how easy it is to use, and the fact that you can take video footage and still images is going to be a game changer I think!”
-Holly Tickner, Senior Speech Pathologist, Next Challenge, Townsville, AU

“I used the TelScope to show my own orthodontist something he wanted to see. I plan to show the device to classes, clinicians, parents, and patients I teach.”
-Diane Bahr, MS, CCC-SLP, CIMI, Ages & Stages, TalkTools

“I was able to visualize that tonsils and uvula had been removed and got a clear image of the throat! While viewing the same image, I captured a clear image of a filling on a back tooth.”
-Tracy Hicks, RN (School nurse), Knox County Schools, USA

“I really like how the Telscope works, it is user friendly and easy to use. I would recommend it.”
-Colette Wintersteen, Product Manager, Benco Dental

“I’m Sherri Lukes and have been a hygienist for 40 years, teaching general/oral pathology and conducting research at So Ill University. In teaching oral pathology, getting good quality images can be difficult. Running around the clinic to locate the intraoral camera to capture images of lesions can also be challenging. I recently used Holland Healthcare’s Telscope intraoral camera while doing mission work in Mexico. The fact that it attaches right to my cell phone made it very easy to use. The app has multiple features that can be especially useful to enhance images for better diagnosis. We were able to capture an image of a lesion, send it digitally (and securely) to a dental practitioner in the states and achieve a clinical diagnosis in a matter of minutes. I see great potential for this type of camera in dental practices.”
-Sherri M Lukes, RDH, MS, FAADH, Associate Professor Emerita, Southern IL University Past President, IL Dental Hygienist Association

“I’ve adapted the TelScope system to facilitate intraoral forensic imaging on a dedicated device in my armetarium at the medical examiner’s department. Every case I examine requires a full odontogram and photos of the dentition, along with radiographs, but some cases present more challenges to accomplish these needs. Not only has the TelScope made intraoral forensic photography easier for me, simply using the device for the outstanding intraoral illumination and crystal clear visualization has assisted me to be more efficient during dental charting as well.”
Forensic Consultant, San Diego County Office of the Medical Examiner

“I would love to be able to provide this to my aged care facility staff. I can’t see my patients anymore with restrictions so these would help us SO much when providing advice to patients from afar. We are starting to use teledentistry modes to help the elderly in these facilities but it’s hard when a professional can’t be present! What an awesome invention!”
-Senior Dental Care Australia

“Assessing oral health and hygiene is now made extra easy for dental and non-dental care professionals. The high res images make record keeping and teledentistry consults fast, accurate, and super comfortable for the patient. Definitely on a winner for teledentistry as well as all of the many other uses.”
-Dr. Mark Wotherspoon, Founder and Principal Dentist at Dentist To Your Door, Australia

“I am excited to use TelScope this weekend performing oral cancer screenings at our Mission of Mercy. This will be a game changer, we can now capture photos and send them to a specialist.”
-Susan Cotten RDH BSDH OMT
Owner and Founder Oral Cancer Consulting, USA

“I had the opportunity use TelScope at COMOM this year. I used it on every patients, ❤️ it. When a suspicious lesion was present it was awesome to get the phone and capture a picture to a HIPPA compliant app for an Oral Surgeon to reference to.”
Sarah Tanner RDH, BSDH Colorado Mission of Mercy

“The way that we are using the Telscope System is in our community outreach sealant program and nursing home program. I first purchased laptops and intraoral cameras to use for a teledentistry sealant program to be able to store and forward pictures of molars for sealants to be prescribed. The first school that I went to I had practiced getting on the internet by remotely VPNing into University server in the parking lot of the school and it worked. The day we went to do the screening and was inside the building I had difficulty getting thru the school’s firewalls etc. We were delayed an hour while the elementary school IT and the University’s IT people worked on the issue. I had started researching your product before I ever saw you at RDH Under One Roof and realized that this system could solve my issue of logging into the school’s internet and having to use up other people’s time trying to solve my problems since I am not a tech savvy person. The next school we screened we used the TelScope system and it was so much easier to use. I was able to store the information and bring it back to our supervising dentist. We came up with a system when the doctor looks at the photo’s he uses the draw function on the Ipad screen and puts a checkmark if we can place a sealant on the molar and places his initials and then we can go back and put notes in the patient’s chart after he is done. The students were also using the draw feature to label the tooth numbers of the photos. The next thing we are going to implement is the diagnodent score directly on the photo of the tooth so he has more than just a photo to prescribe from. We also used the system at our nursing home rotations and took photos after placing the disclosing solution on the patients so we would have a record of before and after photos to show the improvement that we are having on the resident’s oral health care. The photos are so much clearer than the intraoral camera photo’s that we have been taking. We are still learning how to get the images that we want but after the training we had yesterday I hope that it will improve.”
-Becky Harshaw RDH, MPH
Clinical Instructor/Outreach Coordinator
Missouri Southern State University
Dental Hygiene Program

“Using the TelScope in our practice has helped to streamline patient visits, facilitate communication with other specialists, and put patients at ease from their own homes. The TelScope allows us to do more and increase reimbursement without having to work harder. Plus, patients actually prefer the option. It’s a win-win situation for us.”
-Dr. Ben Hechler, MD, DDS – Head and Neck Surgeon at Duke University Hospital

“Thank you so much for developing the TelScope! As a myofunctional therapist this device changed my life. The TelScope has enhanced my ability to to take clear images of my patients oral cavity. I no longer have to struggle with getting good lighting to take images during my evaluation. My evaluations are so much smoother now. Images come out clear and all saved in the patient’s file.”
-Dina Ezagui MS CCC-SLP, TSHH, QOM

“Imagine a hygienist out there training medical professionals how to recognize pathology using this tool. It could be a game changer!”
-Cindy Metzger, Registered Dental Hygienist, adjunct clinical instuctor, Knoxville, Tennessee, US

“The TelScope has enhanced my ability to document progress from assessment to discharge.”
-Ashley G. Bonkofsky, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist”

“Ideal tool for telehealth” -Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP

“Yeah, it’s inflammation… not cool! But also cool that I can see it really, really, really well with TelScope.” -Kayla Fontenot, MA, CCC-SLP

“TelScope allows me to get a first hand look inside the mouth. The TelScope is an added bonus in capturing images of the structures inside of the mouth. It is easy to use and it is portable, which is important because I see a lot of patients inside their homes.” -Tamorrow G., MHS, CCC-SLP

“Using the new TelScope in our clinic today. Such an innovative way to doing oral motor assessments in the clinic.” -Let’s Eat Feeding

“TelScope would literally benefit every SLP (and parent)! Especially now everyone is using telehealth and OMAs are freaking HARD via telehealth!” -theorganisedslp

“I already preordered TelScope and KNOW it will help so much during my oral mech exams! The app will be a game changer! It will be so much easier to record and review my OME as well as share observations with parents.” -kikibul

“Can’t do the new Oral-Facial Exam without this fun new version!” -kikibul

“Would be so helpful for OME!” -esther.sabo

“I can’t wait to use this with my oral facial exams!” -@grahamspeechtherapy

“As an SLP this would be an amazing tool for oral mech exams!” -@annieeeg

This is a must for my oral exam toolkit” -@liz_slp

“I would love to be able to provide this to my aged care facility staff. I can’t see my patients anymore with restrictions so these would help us SO much when providing advice to patients from afar. We are starting to use teledentistry modes to help the elderly in these facilities but it’s hard when a professional can’t be present! What an awesome invention!” -@seniordentalcare

“I can’t wait to use this with my oral motor assessments. It is going to be great to be able to capture pictures to send to the doctors.” -@taracadams

“Will be so great to use with oral facial exams.” -@3spaul

“This would be amazing for oral exams especially for my kids with cleft” -megkinane

“Already pre-ordered and so excited to use this in my orofacial myofunctional evaluations!” -@becky.spence

“I would love to use this on my oral mech exams!!!” -speechwithashlyn

“I would use this with my artic kids!” -kats1183

“This will allow me to see so much more. Can’t wait to use mine!” -@jamiecboyle

“TelScope would help so much with oral mech exams, not to mention how much the kids will love it!” -@victoria_g_owens

“Love this product! Definitely beneficial for an oral mech exam” -@yardavis

“This would benefit my clinic and our clients (kiddos and adults) for oral mech exams and artic! I  can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a bulky, dim flashlight” -@ashleypdx

“NEED!” -@sarahkbelf

“This is amazing!” -@courtneydawn323

“We love Throat Scope and the TelScope is going to help us to take clearer images of children’s oral structures as part of their comprehensive speech assessments! We can’t wait! -@growunderstanding

“I would use it for my own MD live dr appointments! Such a great product.” -@martinezvibes

“It would be amazing for #teledentistry – save so much time and hassle on a dentist trip that would just be an evaluation or consultation anyways, for example! Not to mention follow-ups on healing teeth or problems after extraction.” -@caseyannroy

“This will make the oral mech exam so much easier!” -renihanley

“This would benefit me as I am starting my CFY next month!” -savvyleeb

“Already use my Throat Scope every day for oral motor exams and would definitely kill it with the new TelScope!” -joseph12martin

“Ordered myself a TelScope and can’t wait to use it! It is going to be so beneficial and something functional and beneficial that I can recommend to my rural/remote clients!” -nikitaaustin3

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