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Telehealth System

Examine. Capture. Connect.

Complete an intraoral examination and transform any smart device into an intraoral camera to capture and connect a superior quality intraoral telehealth or teledentistry image.

Examine, Capture, Connect.

TelScope Oral Telehealth System

Step 1

Examine your patient with the TelScope Telehealth System illuminated oral examination tool

Step 2

Attach TelScope to your smartphone and use the TelScope app to capture an image inside the mouth.
You can circle, measure and comment areas of oral health concern or dental concern.

TelScope - Capture-01

Step 3

Securely send your intraoral image to an online doctor or dentist or your own doctor anywhere, anytime.

TelScope Features

TelScope Oral Telehealth System App Handle Feature
TelScope Oral Telehealth System App Features
TelScope Oral Telehealth System

Intraoral Camera

TelScope and the TelScope app work together to turn any smart device into a superior quality intraoral camera.

Enables telehealth at your clinic

TelScope makes it possible for you to connect virtually with your patients, which stops the spread of germs, saves time, and enables you to see more patients.

Teledentistry solution

TelScope turns any smart device into an intraoral camera and oral examination device. The TelScope app works together with The TeleDentists' platform to instantly connect patients with a dentist anywhere, anytime.

Decreases cross-contamination risk

Handle is antimicrobial and can be wiped clean (do not put in the dishwasher, do not hand-wash)
Single use depressors decrease risk of cross-contamination
Telehealth options made possible by TelScope Telehealth System allows your patients to stay home and stop the spread of germs


Can be used for an illuminated, single-handed Intraoral Examination on or off the smart device


A fraction of the price of a typical intraoral camera or examination lighting equipment.


Attaches to any type of smart device


USB adaptor provided for easy charging with battery signal lights


Securely send your oral image to your doctor or dentist, instantly
Your doctor doesn't need the app to receive the image

TelScope App

Turns any smart device into an intraoral camera
Programmed to take superior images inside the mouth
ISO and Android App available
Measure, circle and comment on areas of concern inside the mouth
Save the image and securely send to your doctor from within the app

FDA, TGA & CE Registered

Throat Scope is
United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) registered
Entered into the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (TGA)
European Conformity (CE) marked

Who Can Use TelScope?

  • Easily capture an image and refer your patient to a specialist
  • Save a patient image to their file or EMR system
  • Compare patient images over time
  • Digital follow-up care with patients post-op
  • Serve more patients by offering telehealth options
  • Turn any smart device into a superior quality intraoral camera, which is more affordable than an intraoral camera or examination lighting equipment
  • Enables telehealth as an option at your clinic
  • Serve more patients by offering TelScope as a telehealth option
  • Save time by having the patient capture and send a superior sore throat or sore tooth image before an online telehealth appointment
  • Easily capture an image and refer your patient to a specialist
  • Save a patient image to their file or EMR system
  • Compare patient images over time.
  • Digital follow-up care with patients post-op
  • Replace the SLR camera in Dental Clinics
  • Use TelScope for triaging and save patient images to their file or EMR system
  • The TelScope app works together with The TeleDentists platform to turn any smart device into an intraoral camera and allow them to connect instantly with a dentist with TelScopeCare24/7
  • TelScope is a teledentistry solution as well as oral examination lighting tool
  • Serve more patients by enabling teledentistry as an option at your clinic
  • Easily capture and connect a patient’s tongue tie, cleft palate, tooth decay or other oral health image to a specialist like an ENT, OT, dentist, oncologist, etc.
  • Serve more patients by offering TelScope Telehealth System as a teleclinic solution
  • Clients (or parents of clients) can easily send you superior quality intraoral images from home, as TelScope turns any smart device into an affordable, user-friendly intraoral camera
  • TelScope can capture a superior sore throat or sore tooth image and send it direct to an online doctor or dentist all from the comfort of home, this will prevent unnecessary medical clinic and ED appointments plus save money
  • Perform sore throat or sore tooth examination from the comfort of their own home
  • Capture and send an intraoral image to a doctor or dentist for a telehealth consult

How to Preorder

Preorder TelScope here.

The first round of TelScope preorders have been shipped.

The second round is due to ship out March 2021.

Download the TelScope App

Images from the TelScope App

The TelScope app features a camera which is already set to the best lighting, zoom, and focus settings for superior quality intraoral images.

However – since the TelScope app does use your smart device’s camera, your images may turn out different depending on which smart device you have.

We’ve compiled a gallery of TelScope intraoral telehealth imagery captured with different smart devices.

Older models of smartphones won’t have as amazing images as with newer models of phones. But even smartphones as far back as the iPhone 6 can capture excellent quality intraoral images when used with the TelScope app.

View our guide on how to take amazing intraoral telehealth and teledentistry images with TelScope.

Videos: TelScope in Teletherapy, Teleclinic, Teledentistry, & Telehealth

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Teledentistry: Using TelScope Oral Telehealth System in Teledentistry

What People Are Saying | TelScope in the Media

“Ideal tool for telehealth” -Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP

“Yeah, it’s inflammation… not cool! But also cool that I can see it really, really, really well with TelScope.” -Kayla Fontenot, MA, CCC-SLP

“TelScope allows me to get a first hand look inside the mouth. The TelScope is an added bonus in capturing images of the structures inside of the mouth. It is easy to use and it is portable, which is important because I see a lot of patients inside their homes.” -Tamorrow G., MHS, CCC-SLP

“Using the new TelScope in our clinic today. Such an innovative way to doing oral motor assessments in the clinic.” -Let’s Eat Feeding

“TelScope would literally benefit every SLP (and parent)! Especially now everyone is using telehealth and OMAs are freaking HARD via telehealth!” -theorganisedslp

“I already preordered TelScope and KNOW it will help so much during my oral mech exams! The app will be a game changer! It will be so much easier to record and review my OME as well as share observations with parents.” -kikibul

“Can’t do the new Oral-Facial Exam without this fun new version!” -kikibul

“Would be so helpful for OME!” -esther.sabo

“I can’t wait to use this with my oral facial exams!” -@grahamspeechtherapy

“As an SLP this would be an amazing tool for oral mech exams!” -@annieeeg

This is a must for my oral exam toolkit” -@liz_slp

“I would love to be able to provide this to my aged care facility staff. I can’t see my patients anymore with restrictions so these would help us SO much when providing advice to patients from afar. We are starting to use teledentistry modes to help the elderly in these facilities but it’s hard when a professional can’t be present! What an awesome invention!” -@seniordentalcare

“I can’t wait to use this with my oral motor assessments. It is going to be great to be able to capture pictures to send to the doctors.” -@taracadams

“Will be so great to use with oral facial exams.” -@3spaul

“This would be amazing for oral exams especially for my kids with cleft” -megkinane

“Already pre-ordered and so excited to use this in my orofacial myofunctional evaluations!” -@becky.spence

“I would love to use this on my oral mech exams!!!” -speechwithashlyn

“I would use this with my artic kids!” -kats1183

“This will allow me to see so much more. Can’t wait to use mine!” -@jamiecboyle

“TelScope would help so much with oral mech exams, not to mention how much the kids will love it!” -@victoria_g_owens

“Love this product! Definitely beneficial for an oral mech exam” -@yardavis

“This would benefit my clinic and our clients (kiddos and adults) for oral mech exams and artic! I  can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a bulky, dim flashlight” -@ashleypdx

“NEED!” -@sarahkbelf

“This is amazing!” -@courtneydawn323

“We love Throat Scope and the TelScope is going to help us to take clearer images of children’s oral structures as part of their comprehensive speech assessments! We can’t wait! -@growunderstanding

“I would use it for my own MD live dr appointments! Such a great product.” -@martinezvibes

“It would be amazing for #teledentistry – save so much time and hassle on a dentist trip that would just be an evaluation or consultation anyways, for example! Not to mention follow-ups on healing teeth or problems after extraction.” -@caseyannroy

“This will make the oral mech exam so much easier!” -renihanley

“This would benefit me as I am starting my CFY next month!” -savvyleeb

“Already use my Throat Scope every day for oral motor exams and would definitely kill it with the new TelScope!” -joseph12martin

“Ordered myself a TelScope and can’t wait to use it! It is going to be so beneficial and something functional and beneficial that I can recommend to my rural/remote clients!” -nikitaaustin3


ASHA (American Speech-Language and Hearing Society) Live Chat


  • ASHA
  • Jennifer Holland, Founder of Holland Healthcare and Inventor of TelScope
  • Amy Graham, MA, CCC-SLP


by Jo-Anne Jones, RDH | Oral Health Group


Jo-Anne Jones, RDH – DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry and 2020 Dentistry Today CE Leaders for the 10th consecutive year



  • Jo-Anne Jones, RDH
  • James Younger, Founder/CEO of Tempstars Dental Temp Agency

Downloadable Content

Downloadable Brochure

Downloadable App FAQ Sheet

TelScope Device
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use TelScope on any smart device?
    Yes. The TelScope attaches to any device via a metal clip or a Holland Healthcare device case.
    To use TelScope on multiple devices, you will need multiple metal clips or multiple Holland Healthcare device cases.

  • How do I attach the TelScope metal clip to my smart device?
    To attach your metal clip to your device, follow the guide or download a template here.

TelScope App
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the TelScope App HIPAA compliant?
    Yes. The TelScope app can be used in a HIPAA compliant manner as our software does not automatically share protected data or information and all potently sensitive data is stored securely locally on the smart device.

  • Can an individual engage in a telemedicine consultation with a practitioner through the app, or does the app only take a picture that an individual can send to a professional through another method?
    Currently the app takes an image that you can save and share. You would need another app or service to engage in a telemedicine consultation with a professional.

  • Is there any data stored on the app (or in servers maintained by your company)?
    No. Data is stored on the user’s devices at the moment encrypted, and accessible only by this app.

  • Does your company have any access to data and photos stored in the app or on the user’s device?

  • Are any data/images transmitted to a practitioner through the TelScope app, or does the patient have to send it through a separate method (e.g. SMS or email)?
    The TelScope app has a feature that will allow content to be sent using the built-in OS share feature.

  • Is there any capacity through the app for a practitioner to send data, messages or images back to the patient? (In other words, is it a two-way connection?)
    Not currently.

  • Is any patient data identifiable?
    Not by default. Metadata is stripped. However, information can be added to the images by the user.

  • Does the app apply any algorithms to the data? I know that users can circle particular areas in the images that practitioners should focus on. Do the patients do that themselves, or does the app run some sort of scan and do the labeling on its own?
    No, the app does not apply any algorithms or scan the image. The user makes all markings and comments on the image manually.

  • Does the professional receiving the image also need the app?
    No. Only the user taking the image needs the app. They can then connect their image to their doctor in the method that the doctor prefers.

  • Where are images stored?
    Images only stored are stored on your device unless you specifically choose to share them.

  • How do I access the app?
    The app is available via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

  • What operating systems are supported?
    The app is released as a native app for iOS and Android operating systems.

  • What permissions are required for the app to function correctly?
    The app requires access to the device’s camera and storage to function correctly.

  • What personal health information (PHI) is included when sharing an image?
    By default, TelScope does not include PHI in the image. Users may take identifying photos or add PHI with the image editing tools available within the app.
  • Is sharing an image secure?
    Sharing an image is as secure as the service it is shared with. For example, images shared via Signal would be highly secure while images shared by SMS would less so. Once an image is shared it is out of TelScope’s control.

  • Does the app use Cloud storage?
    The app does not currently use cloud storage. Consent will be requested prior to uploading any of your photos to the cloud.

  • What software is the TelScope App written in?

    The app is written in C# (Xamarin). It is then compiled for native performance on iOS and Android.