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Create Inspired Diagnostic Solutions to enhance and transform medical devices into digital health AI tools.


Introduce a simple and affordable Virtual Oral Healthcare System to anyone anywhere.

“We believe in turning complex into simple and building affordable medical solutions to streamline the medical examination, communication and diagnostic processes using AI.”

Jennifer Holland CEO & Founder

Advisory Board

Ben Hechler, MD, DDS

Head & Neck Surgeon

Jo-Anne Jones, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Richard Simpson,DMD

Pediatric Dentist

Marc Ackerman, DMD, MBA, FACD


Brian Hill

Founder of the Oral Cancer Foundation


Steve Baxter

Shark Tank Investor / Shareholder

Michael Dempsey

Sophisticated Investor / Shareholder

Our Story


2010 - Throat Scope

Throat Scope was invented after a trip to the doctors with my 15-month-old baby. He seemed to be suffering from a sore throat.

The doctor got out his wooden tongue depressor and flashlight. The doctor asked me to hold my baby around the forehand and arms while he tried to open his mouth with the wooden tongue depressor.

I realized affordable Intraoral light did not exist, so I researched and built the first prototype in my garage. It cost $2.50. This prototype formed the basics of my first patent based on light refraction and transparent plastic.

This solution provided an affordable alternative to fiber optics.”

-Jennifer Holland, Inventor, Founder, & CEO


2012 - Ear Scope

Ear Scope was invented after numerous trips to the doctor with my child who had grommets. My child seemed to be suffering from a sore ear, and after four separate doctor appointments and no answers, we ended up at the ENT.

The ENT looked thoroughly inside my child’s ear and spotted the grommet which had fallen out into his ear canal. The grommet had formed into a growth inside his ear, and it had to be removed.

My son was admitted to the hospital, where a short operation was performed to remove the growth and grommet.

It was at that moment that I realized the doctors only had one stream of light coming out of the existing otoscopes. I started to dream about incorporating transparent plastic into a speculum to provide complete illumination inside the ear.”

-Jennifer Holland, Inventor, Founder, & CEO


2016 - Wound Scope

Wound Scope was invented after we had numerous American wound care nurses ask if they could use Throat Scope to light up inside a wound.

During development, we realized that wound and emergency nurses were using iPhone lights to light up wounds during cleaning. We also realized that nurses were using a plastic or paper ruler to measure the circumference of the wound, but used an estimate to measure the wound‘s depth.

That’s when we decided to take Wound Scope one step further and introduce a measurement function on the end of the lighted blade. Wound Scope can now light up inside a wound, retract the skin to provide a hand free, and measure the depth of the wound. It is a game changer in the wound care industry.”

-Jennifer Holland, Inventor, Founder, & CEO


2017 - TelScope Telehealth System

TelScope Telehealth System was born after I was taking my child, who suffered continuously from tonsillitis, to the doctor.

This is already a task on its own when I have to call and try to get an appointment, round up my four children into the car, make sure they don’t touch anything in the clinic, and worry about if we are coming home with more germs than we came into the clinic with.

After coming home from the appointment, I thought, ‘there has to be an easier way to connect a sore throat or sore tooth to a doctor or dentist from the comfort of my own home!’

In development, we set out to create superior illumination, retraction, and depression while incorporating a smart device. We realized smart devices had the best cameras, so we developed a device to be used for standalone examination or easily transform into a digital health tool when needed.”

-Jennifer Holland, Inventor, Founder, & CEO


2017 - TelScope Telehealth System

TelScope App was created to work together with the TelScope device.

The TelScope app provides superior intraoral and intra-aural images for telehealth diagnosis, but we again decided to take our TelScope app one step further and create an algorithm to allow intra-orifice measurement.”

-Jennifer Holland, Inventor, Founder, & CEO


2018 - Pap Scope

Pap Scope was born after a UK hospital approached us to create a similar device to Throat Scope which would illuminate the vagina during routine pap smear examinations.

Affordable internal light sources were not available, so we invented a device to work alongside the reusable speculums (metal or plastic) to allow affordable vaginal illumination.”

-Jennifer Holland, Inventor, Founder, & CEO