Throat Scope

Throat Scope

Throat Scope illuminating tongue depressor & retraction device provides easy, fast & accurate intraoral examination.

Throat Scope Features

Single-Handed Oral Examination

All-in-one light & depressor frees up an extra hand to allow for single-handed intraoral examination

Accurate, Illuminated Examination

Places the light source inside the mouth for an accurate view of the entire throat & palate

Reduces Cross-Contamination

Handle can be wiped entirely clean;
Single-use depressors reduce risk of cross-contamination

  • Illuminating depressor provides superior intraoral examination
  • One-handed examination inside the mouth
  • Portable & lightweight

Throat Scope Users

Primary Care Physicians / General Practitioners

Dentists & Oral Health Professionals


Telehealth and Remote Care Doctors

Head & Neck Cancer and Oral Cancer Professionals

Oral Surgeons

Emergency Departments

Urgent Care

School Nurses