Medical and Telehealth

Resources for medical professionals and telehealth professionals including nurses, school nurses, pediatricians, physicians, ENTs, head & neck cancer doctors and surgeons, and more.

Learn about using TelScope Telehealth System for intraoral examination, superior quality intraoral photography, and oral telehealth.

Learn about using Throat Scope, the original illuminating tongue depressor and intraoral examination tool.

Products for Medical Professionals

Examine. Capture. Connect.
Complete an intraoral examination and capture a superior quality intraoral telehealth image.

TelScope is the illuminating intraoral examination device that converts into a telehealth tool.

Throat Scope is the illuminating intraoral examination tool.

100% of proceeds from Throat Scope handles purchased as part of the Oral Cancer Foundation’s Check Your Mouth Kit go directly to the Oral Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization providing oral cancer screening and resources in the United States.