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The TelScope app works with TelScope Telehealth System to capture superior quality intraoral telehealth image & video.

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Superior Intraoral Maxillary and Mandibular Anatomy Image & Video

TelScope App

  • Intraoral Photography
  • Intraoral Videography
  • Measuring Tool
  • Best Settings for Intraoral Photography - No Camera Skills Needed
  • Unlimited Patient Sets (for patient file management)
  • Tools to Mark & Caption Images & Videos

TelScope App
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can an individual engage in a telemedicine consultation with a practitioner through the app, or does the app only take a picture that an individual can send to a professional through another method?

    Currently the app takes an image that you can save and share. You would need another app or service to engage in a telemedicine consultation with a professional. In future app versions we look to have a database of on-demand medical professionals that users can engage with through the TelScope app.

  • Is there any data stored on the app (or in servers maintained by your company)?

    No. Data is stored on the user’s devices at the moment encrypted, and accessible only by this app.

  • Does your company have any access to data and photos stored in the app or on the user’s device?


  • Are any data/images transmitted to a practitioner through the TelScope app, or does the patient have to send it through a separate method (e.g. SMS or email)?

    The TelScope app has a feature that will allow content to be sent using the built-in OS share feature.

  • Is there any capacity through the app for a practitioner to send data, messages or images back to the patient? (In other words, is it a two-way connection?)

    Not currently.

  • Is any patient data identifiable?

    Not by default. Metadata is stripped. However, information can be added to the images by the user.

  • Does the app apply any algorithms to the data? I know that users can circle particular areas in the images that practitioners should focus on. Do the patients do that themselves, or does the app run some sort of scan and do the labeling on its own?

    No, the app does not apply any algorithms or scan the image. The user makes all markings and comments on the image manually.

  • Does the professional receiving the image also need the app?

    No. Only the user taking the image needs the app. They can then connect their image to their doctor in the method that the doctor prefers.