Shark Tank Stars Who Made It Big! | | 6th August 2017

When she appeared on Season One, Jennifer Holland’s illuminated tongue depressor Throat Scope was still in prototype phase. After a tough pitch, Mr Baxter agreed to pay $76,000 for 30 per cent of the company, plus a 5 per cent royalty until the money was paid back.

Today, Ms Holland sells more than 1.7 million blades annually through 22 distribution partners in 155 countries. Throat Scope has also branched out into the digital realm, with a soon-to-be-released app which will enable people to receive a diagnosis over the internet.

“Our first major big-box retailer is CVS in the US, we’re about to roll out in 5000 pharmacies on the 18th of August,” she told “We’ve also partnered with the US Oral Cancer Foundation to run a global campaign called Check Your Mouth, which will educate people about the early signs of oral cancer.”

She has also signed her first distribution deals with universities and hospitals in the US. “They’re using Throat Scope as a training tool, from dental to speech pathology, it’s been a very exciting time,” she said.

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Throat Scope Wins Silver at Edison Awards in New York | The Lakes Mail | 24th April 2017

A Lake Macquarie woman has claimed silver at the Edison Awards in New York for her Throat Scope invention.

Jennifer Holland was honoured in the Health and Wellness Patient Care category for her medical device which incorporates a tongue depressor and light source in the one easy-to-use unit.

“I always wanted to invent something that would have a positive impact on the world,” Ms Holland said.

“Now I know that will become a reality. We are going to create a movement that will lead to people using Throat Scope for early detection of Oral Cancer.

“Now we have an Edison Award behind us, I know we can go out there and potentially save lives.”

The Edison Awards honour excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centred design and innovation.

Award winners are described as having “game changing” products or services.

The awards attract thousands of nominations.

More than 3000 senior business executives and academics from marketing professionals, scientists and engineers join past winners to review the nominations.

“When I had the epiphany at the doctor’s surgery with my son and walked into the $2 shop to create my first prototype eight years ago, I never imagined this is where it would all lead.”

Ms Holland, who was in New York to accept the award, will now remain in the USA for another week, spruiking the Throat Scope at trade shows.

“Another dream of our team at Holland Healthcare is to take an Australian product into the US,” she said.

“Throat Scope can now be that product. We import so much product, we want to reverse that trend.”

Holland Healthcare is just the third Australian company to win at the Edison Awards since their inception in 1987.

It is the first win for a female-led Australian company, and the country’s first win in the health category.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs | Kidspot | 29th March 2017

Ear Scope Logo

Like many brilliant mum inventions, the impetus behind Jennifer Holland’s multi-million dollar invention, the Throat Scope, came about from an experience which showed her there was a need for her product.

“I took my 18-month-old son with a sore throat to the doctor. He asked me to restrain my child, while he was a holding a light in one hand and a wooden depressor in the other,” she says, something she described as an unpleasant experience. “I thought surely there must be something else,” she says.

But there wasn’t, so Jennifer devised and patented the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor, Throat Scope. Now a mum of four, Jennifer’s medical device will soon be available in 140 countries in a distribution deal estimated to be worth $15 million and found in medical centres, hospitals and homes around the world.
“For me it has always been about believe, act, persist – believe in yourself and believe in your ability to achieve it,” she says.

“Don’t stop, you are going to get knock backs [but] the faster you get back up the quicker you’ll find your next opportunity.”

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Throat Scope – International Edison Award Winner!

Throat Scope – Edison Award Winner!

The Edison Awards are globally recognised innovation awards originating in the USA that honour excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation.

Award winners are described as having game changing products and/or services. And Throat Scope is certainly changing the oral examination game. To be a recipient you must display leadership and innovation in Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact. At Throat Scope we live by these every day.

The awards are named after innovator Thomas Edison (think light bulb, motion picture camera, phonograph). He was persistent, determined and creative, traits we know our CEO and founder Jennifer Holland lives and breathes everyday.

The Edison Awards attract 100’s of nominations. Over 3,000 senior business executives and academics from marketing professionals, scientists and engineers join past Edison Award winners to review the nominations. They vote to select the Gold, Silver and Bronze finalists.

Throat Scope has received an award in the Health and Wellness – Patient Care category and are up against major healthcare companies Data Diagnostic and vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy. We like to think that Throat Scope is already a winner, being guaranteed Gold, Silver or Bronze.

We will be heading to New York City for the award ceremony on April 20.

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Henleys Medical Supplies Announced as First UK Distributor

2017 is turning out to be a big year for Throat Scope with the announcement of our first UK distributor, Henleys Medical Supplies. Henleys is a family owned company with operations spanning across the UK. Throat Scope is very excited to be working with such a great, customer focused medical distributor.

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How a Stay-at-Home Australian Mum built a Business Empire | The Daily Mail | 24th April 2016

When Jennifer Holland was 38 weeks pregnant with her second child, she took her 15 month old to the doctor.

As little Ronan sat squirming in her lap, the doctor struggled to prise her son’s mouth open with a wooden tongue compressor in an attempt to shine a light down his throat.

The exchange got the stay at home mother-of-four thinking, and today Mrs Holland is the founder of a $15 million business called Throat Scope.

A throat scope is an all-in-one device that combines a disposable blade with a torch.

The instrument is designed to replace a standard wooden tongue compressor and torch – which require the use of two hands instead of one.

Despite having no medical background, 33-year-old Mrs Holland, who lives in Newcastle Australia and was previously a financial accountant, started to do some research online and that led her to create the first prototype of what would later become the Throat Scope.

‘The very first prototype was a piece of plastic – polycarbonate plastic – that I had lying around the house and a LED torch,’ Mrs Holland said.

‘I realised that the light transmitted through the plastic and I could produce a product that was very price-competitive with the wooden tongue compressor.’

Additionally, the device means that doctors have a free hand to hold a squirming child if they need to, she said.

The end result is the Throat Scope: a torch with a disposable blade that is placed inside the mouth.

In 2014, Mrs Holland appeared on the entrepreneurial television series Shark Tank to pitch her idea.

Before walking out to meet the ‘sharks’, Mrs Holland said her nerves started to get the better of her, but her six-year-old son stepped in and said: ‘Mum you look after four of us every day, you can do this’.

‘It gave me the confidence,’ she said and the Throat Scope became the only pre-sales idea on that season of the series to land a deal.

After her success on the show, Mrs Holland put together a team and started commercialising the Throat Scope.

The product retails for 30 cents, making it a competitive alternative for the wooden tongue compressor that retails for four cents.

Throat Scope launched in 2015 and is estimated to be worth $15 million deal following a deal with medical distributor GIMA Italy that will launch the products in 140 different countries.

The product has also launched in Canada and is available in Chemmart pharmacies in Australia.

A Newcastle doctor also took Throat Scopes on a trip to Papua New Guinea.

Mrs Holland said the device was just as useful for parents at home as it was for hospitals or the local doctor.

She said she was reminded about the advantages of the device when her youngest daughter, two-year-old Isabella, was taken to hospital after the anaphylactic toddler smeared peanut butter on her face.

‘I watched while two nurses were holding her down as the doctor was trying to open her mouth, it was the same situation,’ she said.

At home, the device can be used for new teeth, to look at a sore throat for strep throat and even for ulcers.

‘Being a mum has given me all the foundations for the skills I needed in business,’ she added.

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Throat Scope Offers Life-Saving Answers | The Newcastle Herald | 16th February 2017

Wound Scope Logo

Imagine being the parents of the six-year-old boy in the UK who was playing with his sister and discovered a small spot on the roof of her mouth?

That “spot” turned out to be an oral cancer. And early detection saved her life.

Throat Scope is a medical device that families and practitioners can use to make oral examinations part of a monthly routine health check.

Throat Scope incorporates a tongue depressor and light source in the one easy-to-use unit.

The device has recently been endorsed by the United States Oral Cancer Foundation as the number one tool to detect oral cancer in its early stages.

Oral cancer has one of the highest mortality rates if left undiagnosed and untreated. The survival rate of 30 per cent could be vastly improved with early detection.

More common names for the disease include mouth cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer and throat cancer.

Approximately 1250 people in Australia will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017. Oral cancer is visible. And that means that early detection can save lives.

Jennifer Holland, CEO and founder of Throat Scope said the company is on a mission to “light up throats around the world and educate people to recognise the signs of oral cancer.”

In July 2017, Throat Scope will introduce Oral Cancer Awareness Week on the east coast of Australia. Pop-up clinics will offer free screenings, manned by specialist volunteers.

“Symptoms can include mouth pain, persistent swelling, unusual bleeding, changes in speech and difficulty swallowing. If it’s red, white or black and has been there for longer than two weeks, you need to get yourself to your GP,” Holland said.

“Throat Scope is being used in homes to investigate sore throats, inspect new teeth in infants and detect mouth sores that might be ominous.”

Throat Scope provides families and medical practitioners with an easy, fast and accurate device to examine oral cavities. And while that doesn’t sound romantic, it can certainly be life saving.

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