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Like many brilliant mum inventions, the impetus behind Jennifer Holland’s multi-million dollar invention, the Throat Scope, came about from an experience which showed her there was a need for her product.

“I took my 18-month-old son with a sore throat to the doctor. He asked me to restrain my child, while he was a holding a light in one hand and a wooden depressor in the other,” she says, something she described as an unpleasant experience. “I thought surely there must be something else,” she says.

But there wasn’t, so Jennifer devised and patented the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor, Throat Scope. Now a mum of four, Jennifer’s medical device will soon be available in 140 countries in a distribution deal estimated to be worth $15 million and found in medical centres, hospitals and homes around the world.
“For me it has always been about believe, act, persist – believe in yourself and believe in your ability to achieve it,” she says.

“Don’t stop, you are going to get knock backs [but] the faster you get back up the quicker you’ll find your next opportunity.”

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