TelScope Telehealth System, the Intraoral Examination & Image/Video Capture Device Compatible with MyChart Powered by Epic

by Dr. Ben Hechler, MD, DDS – Duke University Hospitals

Epic Software

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) has revolutionized the way healthcare information is documented and shared between providers, patients, and third parties involved in patient care. Over the last decade, Epic has become the most widely utilized EHR in the United States and has expanded to cover multiple domains including a comprehensive smart device compatible software (Epic Haiku & Limerick), an electronic dental record (Epic Wisdom), and an electronic patient portal (Epic MyChart).

Intraoral Images & Videos of the Throat, Mouth, & Teeth

Today, patients and providers can utilize their smart devices, powered by various Epic software, to communicate via text, photographs, and video in synchronous or asynchronous fashions. Although sharing images of surface wounds or other tissue abnormalities is relatively simple, it still has remained difficult for dentists and physicians to share quality intraoral photographs with standard smart devices and Epic software alone due to the secluded nature of the oral cavity and throat.

Using TelScope Telehealth System with Epic

The TelScope Telehealth System by Holland Healthcare bridges this gap. This device allows providers and patients to obtain superb intraoral and throat images and videos using its ingenious illuminated tongue blades for simultaneous retraction and illumination and attaching to any smart device to transform it into an intraoral camera. Being compatible with all Epic software, the TelScope allows providers and patients alike to capture high-quality images and videos while utilizing Epic. It immediately saves the images and videos captured to the patient record, or it can send them to collaborating providers. By using TelScope with Epic, intraoral examinations that previously almost uniformly required in-office evaluation for adequate assessment now can be performed via telehealth with confidence.

"The TelScope’s compatibility with Epic software allows me, my peers, and my patients to communicate virtually using the power of Epic with the quality intraoral and throat imaging that only the TelScope can achieve."
Dr. Ben Hechler, MD, DDS
Head & Neck Surgeon, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist Duke University Hospital

Today, we are now able to adequately triage patient concerns virtually including those of dental and throat infections, wound opening, bleeding, intraoral and throat pathology, tooth fracture, and nearly any other concern. Virtual triaging has allowed us to improve our stewardship by decreasing unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, limit the number of unnecessary in-office visits, identify post-operative problems sooner, and, most importantly, reassure and take better care of our patients.

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Dr. Ben Hechler, MD, DDS

Head & Neck Surgeon, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist
Duke University Hospital
Chief Medical Officer for Holland Healthcare

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