Roundtable: Intraoral Illumination for the Healthcare Professional

The American Mobile and Teledentistry Alliance hosted the roundtable discussion, “Intraoral Illumination for the Healthcare Professional.” The event featured team members from Holland Healthcare, Teledentix, and dental professionals who are leaders in the field of teledentistry.

You can view this roundtable discussion featuring expert clinicians and industry brands Teledentix and Holland Healthcare to learn about how to best leverage illumination devices like TelScope Telehealth System for your dental practice. Learn tips and tricks from  Sarah Tanner, RDH, BSDH, Founder and CEO of Luxury Tooth Booth, Joleyn Carriveau, Founder of Dental Home to You, and pediatric dentist Dr. Richard Simpson, DMD.

The roundtable event discusses TelScope Telehealth System, a teledentistry tool that enables the user with examinaton, illumination, and image/video capture. TelScope Telehealth System integrates with the Teledentix provider app to offer a complete teledentistry solution, from start to finish. In the roundtable, dental professionals discussed how TelScope’s unique illumination benefits their mobile & teledentistry practices, as well as brick and mortar dental clinics.


This roundtable discussion was on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at 8 p.m. EST. You can view it below.


This roundtable discussion was held virtually with speakers from all across the United States.


This discussion is hosted by the American Mobile and Teledentistry Alliance.

The speakers of the event included leading brands and oral health professionals from the dentistry and teledentistry industries.

Dr. William Jackson
Dr. Bill is the co-founder of Virtual Dental Care (Teledentix) and has extensive experience in clinical dentistry. Teledentix meets the “unique needs of a teledentistry practice require different technology needs and business flow process management than a traditional dental practice.” 

Joleyn Carriveau, RDH, BS, PDHC
Joleyn Carriveau is a dental hygienist and the owner of Home Dental To You. Joleyn’s practice brings dental services to clients. Joleyn is passionate about providing seniors in nursing homes with easily accessible dental care.

Sarah Tanner, RDH, BSDH
Sarah Tanner is a dental hygienist and the founder of Luxury Tooth Booth. Her practice offers teledentistry and mobile dentistry in Colorado. Sarah is passionate about personalizing dental care, making dental care accessible regardless of barriers, and serving the Hispanic c0mmunity.

Dr. Richard Simpson, DMD
Dr. Richard is a board certified pediatric dentist in private practice with experience and interests in telehealth, child advocacy, health disparities, policy, prevention, and improving access to medical-dental care. He is also a veteran with 15 years of military service, and is currently an MPH candidate with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Mike Vogel
Mike Vogel is a key member of the Holland Healthcare team. In the roundtable discussion, Mike offers a live demonstration using the TelScope Telehealth System and even examines his own mouth to show the power of TelScope’s illumination and how it transforms your smart device into an intraoral camera. He also reviews how the TelScope Telehealth System integrates with the Teledentix provider app to offer a complete teledentistry solution for dental professionals.

In the live demonstration of TelScope Telehealth System, Mike shows how the device illuminates the mouth for an intraoral examination. He then shows how you can capture intraoral teledentistry images and videos. The demonstration also includes a walkthrough of accessing and annotating the patient images/videos, and then uploading them into patient files and your user portal on the Teledentix provider app.

“It’s all at the tip your fingers, right there on your phone,” he remarks on the vast amount of features offered by the Teledentix provider app.

“We had, early on, assumed intraoral cameras were going to be the solution. We built a lot of our application to support intraoral cameras out in the field. But this (TelScope Telehealth System) is so much better, and I’m saying that just as much professionally as I am having worked with other people who have used TelScope. So much easier to use than an intraoral camera, and it’s also something that a non-professional can use quite easily… Now we have a tool that, frankly I think it takes as good or better an image. We’re really excited to work with Holland Healthcare on this integration,” said Teledentix co-founder, Dr. William Jackson.

“Teledentix has been amazing in the instance of providing an app, for instance. I love the accessibility, the app function, not needing WiFi. I had an experience with TelScope at COMOM (Colorado Mission of Mercy), where we saw 650 patients and they received oral healthcare services at no cost to them. I worked with Susan Cotten and I met Mike, who gave me this new gadget to use while I was there. I was thrilled to dive in under the expertise of Susan Cotten and her impeccable expertise on oral cancer. Most of the patients were streamlined through their health history form. If they were current smokers or tobacco chewers, they were filtered through our section of oral cancer screening. We took a look at their intraoral tissues. The illumination from the TelScope was amazing, illuminating the entire oral cavity. Pictures were taken of lesions. We sent them to the oral surgeon in a HIPAA compliant form. At one point there was something going on behind a patient’s uvula, and that’s when Mike showed me there was a video function in the app. I used TelScope on every person in my chair and I quickly got used to it. I’d like to use it on all of my patients just as a standard of care.” said Sarah Tanner on TelScope.

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