Spark: Jennifer Holland had a brainwave in her son's doctor's surgery.Jennifer Holland’s light-bulb moment came in a Brisbane doctor’s surgery in 2009.

Holland and her firstborn, 15-months-old at the time, were in a GP’s surgery with a case of tonsillitis.

“My son was distressed and he [the GP] said ‘look, you restrain your child, I’ll grab my wooden spatula and light and we’ll take a look’,” recounts the mother-of-four.

“I remember thinking, wow, in the 21st century this is just not good enough. I just couldn’t believe we were still using clumsy wooden spatulas and hand lights and that was my light-bulb moment.

“I had the name immediately too: the Throat Scope.”

 Holland went home and told her husband about her one-hand illuminating throat depressor idea.

He suggested she check existing patents, which she did. There were many similar designs.

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