How to Get an Amazing Oral Telehealth or Teledentistry Image with TelScope Telehealth System

To get an image with the TelScope Telehealth System for telehealth or teledentistry, first, examine the patient with the TelScope handle and single-use depressor before attaching it to the smart device.

Be sure to depress the tongue to illuminate inside the mouth.

For teledentistry and to get a good view of the molars and the teeth, retract the cheek and slide the TelScope sideways between the gum and the cheek.

If you see something of interest, proceed to attach TelScope to your smart device. Open the TelScope app to capture an intraoral telehealth or teledentistry image.

  • The single-use depressor should be attached to the TelScope handle before attaching the TelScope handle to your smart device

Now capture an amazing telehealth or teledentistry image.

The TelScope app is automatically set with optimal lighting, focus, and zoom settings for superior quality intraoral imagery.

The TelScope app camera is automatically zoomed in to focus on the inside of the mouth. We do not recommend zooming in or out except for capturing specific images.

Place the TelScope blade inside your patient’s mouth and depress the tongue to illuminate inside the mouth. 

A good indication of a well-lit mouth is when the uvula is illuminated. 

For teledentistry images, turn your phone sideways, retract the cheek, and slide the depressor sideways between the cheek and the gum. This technique will allow you to capture images of the molars and the teeth.

We recommend practicing with TelScope on yourself in the mirror to get the hang of how to capture amazing images.

TelScope App Best Practices

• Make sure you are using a HIPAA compliant smart device.

• Images should be uploaded to your patient file or sent to a peer for review and then deleted from the app directly after your patient’s appointment.

• Capture multiple images during the patient exam, then choose the best images from the app to upload to the patient file. Delete images from the app after upload.

• For measurement indications, your TelScope metal clip must be accurately placed and depressor visible in the photo.

Watch a TelScope Telehealth System Demonstration with Inventor Jennifer Holland:

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