Introducing TelScope Oral Telehealth System

Introducing the telehealth version of Throat Scope: TelScope Oral Telehealth System.

Connect intraoral concerns to a doctor or specialist quickly without leaving home, or have clients connect directly to you.

TelScope is a product and app combination. The TelScope handle is like the upgraded Throat Scope – it’s antimicrobial, rechargeable, and connects to any smart device.

When you connect TelScope to your smart device, open the TelScope app (available on iOS and Android) to snap an intraoral picture. Then you can measure, circle and comment on any areas of concern. Finally, send the image instantly to a doctor, dentist or specialist securely within the app.


TelScope Oral Telehealth System TelScope Oral Telehealth System

You can learn more about TelScope on our parent company website here.

TelScope is ready for preorder – for an amazing discount – via Indiegogo. Preorder here.


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