Aussie Entrepreneurs who are Chasing Dreams & Improving our Health.​

Jennifer Holland is a mother of four, and has created an internationally acclaimed health product available in 140 countries across the world in a deal valued at over $15 million. Jennifer created Throat Scope, a medical device that incorporates a tongue depressor and light source in the one easy to use unit. The product has also been endorsed by the USA Oral Cancer Foundation as the number one tool to detect early stage oral cancer.

This is a wonderful story of inspiration about an Aussie Mum who had an idea, and got after it. It’s a story of innovation, creativity, determination, desire and passion.

Here’s what we cover in this interview with Jennifer:

  • What was the genesis of Throatscope the product – how did it all start?
  • Why did Jennifer decide to have a go at this idea?
  • Creating an emotional WHY, and how that can influence your determination.
  • The backstory of how the $4 prototype created at the Reject shop became an intenational invention.
  • Did Jennifer always believe in her ability to bring this idea to fruition?
  • Winning in the Shark Tank!
  • How the advice of a 4 year old made the difference in the journey of Throatscope.
  • Being a Mum and balancing a family day-to-day.
  • The International Edision Awards for Innovation and what that will mean for Throatscope.
  • How do you protect your idea and why is it so important?

Listen to the podcast HERE

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