Have you ever wondered what happens next for the companies that get the Sharks to bite?

The CEO Magazine recently spoke to resident Shark Steve Baxter about how to impress him with a pitch. These 6 start-ups managed to do just that on Shark Tank. Here’s how they have benefited from his investment.

Jennifer Holland, CEO of Throat ScopeThroat Scope

Jennifer Holland, CEO of Throat Scope

Founder: Jennifer Holland

HQ: Redhead, NSW

Idea: Throat Scope is a child-friendly oral examination device that removes the need for intrusive wooden tongue depressors and pen lights.

Investment: $76,000

Outcome: Throat Scope has gone on to win several awards including the including the 2017 Edison Award and 2015 Sydney Design Award. Now available in 150 countries including the US, the brand has seen revenue grow by 300 per cent year on year.

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