Throat Scope illuminating the inside of a patient's mouth

It can be difficult for a doctor or parent to examine a child’s throat.  If a wooden tongue depressor is used, with one hand the doctor or parent depresses the child’s tongue, and a light is directed into the child’s mouth with the other hand.  But what if the child doesn’t want their mouth examined?  There are no more hands to hold the child still or to help keep their mouth open!

Throat Scope was developed by a mother, Jennifer Holland, who had to restrain her child while the doctor pried open the child’s mouth with a wooden tongue depressor – a distressing experience.  It was following this experience that Jennifer decided to develop Throat Scope.

The Solution – Throat Scope

Throat Scope is an illuminated tongue depressor.  Coupling the blade of the tongue depressor to the handle activates a light source, which directs light down the blade.  When the blade is inserted into the child’s mouth the child’s throat is illuminated.  Consequently, with one hand a doctor or parent can depress a child’s tongue and illuminate the child’s throat.  This leaves a doctor or parent with a spare hand which can help to keep the child’s mouth open.

In 2010 Jennifer filed her first patent application for the Throat Scope product.  She now has trade marks, patents and designs protecting her product.

Throat Scope is now being sold all over the world, especially in Australia, Canada and Europe.  In Australia the product can be purchased at Chemmart Pharmacies for home use, and at EBOS Heathcare and Vital Medical Supplies for the Healthcare industry.

The Message

Patents, designs and trade marks protect the Throat Scope product, and appropriate intellectual property protection was the foundation of this business.  This intellectual property protection, coupled with a great deal of effort, drive and determination has resulted in the commercial success that we see today.

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